Beginners Yoga Card Deck

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Beginners Yoga Card Deck

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Ever been to an amazing yoga class and go home forgetting which poses were fantastic?

Want to do Yoga without any Internet connection?

Want to take your Yoga with you where ever you go on holidays/trips?

I have designed a Yoga Card deck for you!

I have purposely made it look plain and simple, so you don't get distracted and it's really easy to follow.

If you have never done any Yoga before, I suggest that you go to a class to learn how to do the poses, or watch my YouTube channel, explaining how to use the cards.

When you use the cards, you take full responsibility for your own health.

I have designed 20 Tarot-sized cards for you, they all come on quality 300gsm (Smooth) cards, 2.75''×4.75'' (70mm×120mm) and packaged for protection in shrink wrap. Each card has a different pose on it.
Choose one for the day, or I can help you put a sequence together.

Perfect! What a great gift this would make for your office workers and friends!
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Important Note: I do not keep boxes of card packs in my home, I order all of the cards as they are purchased. The purchase - mailbox process takes 4 - 6 weeks.

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