How To Create A Relaxed Home. 5 Week Home Program

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How To Create A Relaxed Home. 5 Week Home Program

Price: $149.00

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Congratulations beautiful!

You have made an awesome decision to improve your life.

You and I will start our journey to build a healthier, more relaxed home for you on the 22nd of October!

Together, we are going to de-clutter your home and your mind.

We are going to dive deeply into communicating with love, with your family and yourself and I will teach you how to meditate and we are going to set up a time and place for this to become a regular practice. There is so much evidence to support this simple, yet powerful technique of stress management, it is really going to improve so many areas of your life.

It will look like this:

Week 1. De-clutter your home

Week 2. Create more self-love in your life.

Week 3. Learn how to meditate and create mindfulness.

Week 4. Mindfully eating and weight management.

Week 5. Making it fit into YOUR life.

  • You will have the chance to do the program within the 5 weeks, or do it in your own time.
  • An email will be sent to you each week with a video on the topic and worksheets.
  • The program will include visual, downloadable, readable, practical and audio content to cater for all of your learning needs.
  • the amazing bonuses include: a resource list, interviews with experts in their field, downloadable meditations for adults and children, PDF's to complete to build a sense of accomplishment.
  • A Home Retreat Kit Downloadable PDF if you haven't already got it
  • A yummy healthy 7 day recipe book
  • a hashtag for Instagram posts
  • email access to me during the entirety of the course to ask questions and comment.
  • bonus 7 days of 'yoga for beginners' videos
  • bonus Yoga Nidra guided meditation
  • A certificate of completion

WOW! I'm super excited to bring all of this amazing information to you.

With love and light,

Victoria x