Awesome. The Kids Calming Kit. Mindful Classrooms.

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Awesome. The Kids Calming Kit. Mindful Classrooms.

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As a teacher I know how difficult it can be having a classroom full of multi-talented and multi-levelled children.

Kids seem to grow up incredibly quick these days, sometimes quicker than they are emotional able to. From day dot, well-meaning parents, place dangly, shiny, noisy moving things in front of the faces, in the cots, on the wall, hanging on their prams, in the car seats. It’s no wonder we have a growing age of children that have no idea how to regulate their own mind and use self-control.

I am giving you very simple techniques for you and your class to practise. The kit is aimed at 5-10 year olds, but can be modified for any age.These techniques may seem simple, and I have purposely made them this way, for 2 reasons:

  1. So that you and the children are able to remember them and practise whenever they feel the need, and
  2. So I am not adding yet another task to your increasingly busy day that may be overwhelming.

Even though the techniques seem simple, they are very powerful and will be able to be used again and again. The children may be even able to tell their parents about them to help at home!

In this kit I have given you:

  • 3 guided meditations, each around 10 minutes long, recorded by me (I have had recorded many meditations and people tell me my gift is my calming voice)
  • A guided meditation poster to place in a prominent place, or to give to the children
  • 2 relaxing breathing techniques to quickly calm frazzled minds
  • 8 easy activities proven to help calm and relax children (I have taught these in classrooms myself with great results)
  • 5 colouring pages that have intricate designs (Mandala) that have been used for thousands of years to create a stillness and mindful attitude
  • Links to many more resources to save you time searching

Why buy this resource?

A little about me; I am an award winning school teacher, working in Western Australian country schools for 12 years before I stopped teaching to focus on raising my children.

Due to health reasons, I retrained to be a 500 hr qualified Yoga and meditation teacher.

I have been teaching Yoga and meditation in the country for over 6 years until we moved to Busselton. I continued teaching Yoga, meditation and healthy living on-line to private members. During this time, I have been lucky enough to win 3 small business awards.

I have had a book published called ‘Peacefulness in 5 Easy Steps’, available on Amazon and I launched the book through public speaking at wellness seminars and teleconferences.

I host relaxing retreats in Margaret River through-out the year and currently teach 5 week mindful meditation courses and I am the founder of the wellness website;, to give free advice on health and well-being.

The Kids Calming Kit can be used in anyway you choose;

  • As a health topic
  • Anytime through-out the day
  • As an after lunchtime calm down
  • As an art topic
  • Use the colouring and the meditations together to create a calming atmosphere in your class

After trialling this in my children's schools I can guarantee it works.

I have spent hours finding resources that I KNOW work and that will be useful in your classroom, saving you precious time. I have many more ideas that I would like to share with you.

If you are interested in more information, or you would like me to visit your school to inspire the children/parents and staff on relaxation and mindfulness, please contact me at

Thank you for improving the lives of many, the positive reach that you have will never be known, but will be remembered by all.



With love and light,

Victoria Yuen

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To contact Victoria for public speaking, information on mindfulness or to come to a retreat or become a private online member, please email her on

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