35 minute Restorative Yoga Class

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35 minute Restorative Yoga Class

Price: $9.90

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I think we all have it?

The third drawer down in our kitchen where we keep all the junk that we 'might' need one day.

The third drawer down in our bodies are our hips. We store all the emotional junk down there that our bodies think we 'might' need one day. The stuff that we just haven't had time to get rid of.

And our hips are the same as the draw, if we keep filling it up, it gets too full, and everything gets stuck.

It's time for a de-clutter my friend. Let's get to all of those stored emotions and release them safely. Once you loosen your hips, you will improve your mobility, help alleviate back pain and release pent up stress.

You may find that you feel a rush of emotions during this restorative practice. This is normal; this is good. Remind yourself that you are releasing the emotional baggage and allow it to flow through you mindfully.

So let's de-clutter your third drawer shall we?

As always, take care of your body and move carefully.

If anything hurts, come out of the pose, breathe and rest.


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