7 Beginners Yoga Videos + Bonus meditations

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7 Beginners Yoga Videos + Bonus meditations

Price: $35.00

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Have you heard about how awesome people feel after doing Yoga but you see those bendy boned people on the covers of magazines and think "there's NO WAY I can do Yoga."

Do you see people leaving a Yoga class with a dreamy look on their faces, a smile like they know something you don't?

Don't want to go to a class?

Can't get to a class?

Want to try Yoga at home?

Don't want to spend $20 on a class or $150 for 10 classes you may not use, $200+ on new clothing, $40 on a mat, $20+ on petrol+parking to go to a class? $410!

Here's your answer.

For $35 you will get 7+ hours worth of beginners Yoga filmed by me, (I'm a 500 Hr trained Yoga/Mindfulness/Meditation teacher with 10 years experience teaching).

BUT>>> If you know me, I like to over deliver!

I will also put 4 different meditations on there for you. I have been given the gift of a soothing meditation voice and I've been helping people relax this way for years.

Together this package is worth more than $200, but I really want you to give Yoga a go, so I'm saving you $165!!

Meditation and Yoga go hand in hand.

NB: Sometimes little critters get into my payment system, if you are having trouble here, please head over to my Etsy shop. Thanking you so much! http://bit.ly/victoriasplaceonlineetsy